A T-Mob employee just sent this PDF detailing the launch plans of the Sidekick 3, the hottest broadway musical cellphone of the season. Some choice items:

Two stores are going to carry this on June 28th for current customers, Madison Ave in NYC and Wilshire Blvd. in LA. Indirect dealers, i-Dealers, National Retail and VAR are going to get this August 28th, give or take, depending on inventory. The reason they're launching only in two places is to "help create additional excitement for the July 10 nationwide launch".

This means you're probably not going to get one for a while unless you live in LA or NYC. Oh yeah, and if you're a celebrity. There's a line in the PDF that refers all celebs to a number so they can get a SK3 early and flaunt it around at all-star events.

Sidekick 3 Launch Plans