Ah, Corporate America, with its esoteric rituals and power lunches. One of the more recognizable aspects of this subculture is the role of the handshake: who's hand is on top, how firm was the pump and how sweaty were the palms are but a few of the attributes used to discern the intentions of the handshaking parties. With this in mind, researchers at MIT set out to create a device to help you remember just whose hand you're shaking. As we all know, there's nothing more embarrassing than forgetting the name of the guy whose hand you just shook.

The iBand works by having users input biographical information into a kiosk, which is then stored in a database with an ID number. When two iBand users meet and shake hands, IR sensors in the wrist bands exchange information. Following the conversation, if you've forgotten the name and contact information of the other party, a simple glance at the iBand reminds you what the deal is. Since it's only a prototype, it can't be purchased quite yet, if ever. I wonder what would happen if the iBand made an embarrassing identification mistake?

iBand [Human Connectedness Research Group via Me, My Coke & I