Need to procrastinate that design project? Try hooking your Wacom tablet up to music software (or VJ app, or anything else that supports MIDI input). New tools for Mac and Windows translate gestures, pressure, and even tilt from the tablet to control messages that can be used by music apps, synthesizers, live video applications, and other software. On Windows, WMIDI and Tablet 2 MIDI do the job; on Mac, the oddly-named µ midi controller has extensive features and visual feedback. There's even a Windows utility that turns your tablet into a Theremin. IDM superstar Proem stops by below to endorse Tablet 2 MIDI, just in case you doubt that real musicians are doing this. Only problem: now, not only do you have to learn to play music, you have to learn to draw, too.

How-to Use Graphics Tablets for Music: New and Updated Software, Free Tablet Theremin [Create Digital Music]