You Can Smoosh Aluminum Into a Working Frying Pan Using a Powerful Hydraulic Press

Proving it’s the most versatile and useful tool in your kitchen, not only can you turn aluminum foil into a razor-sharp knife, but if you’ve got access to a giant hydraulic press, you can also smoosh it into the shape of a frying pan that actually works, solving any sudden frying emergencies.

Like most people who grew up on the internet, our extremely limited attention spans lost interest in the popular Hydraulic Press Channel ages ago; if you’ve seen one thing smooshed as flat as a pancake, you’ve seen them all. But this is the first time we’ve seen the channel’s hydraulic press used to create something more than likes, comments, and YouTube subscribers. Watching a giant ball of foil get squished and then used to fry up an egg is supremely satisfying.


[YouTube via Reddit]

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