Mobility Today and Zatz Not Funny got an exclusive look at the Slingbox "skin" for UMPCs via SlingPlayer 1.2 beta. The skin has larger buttons so larger sausage hands won't mash three at once—quite useful for some of us.

To support the UMPC's touch screen, Sling provides oversized UI elements for easy control via finger or stylus. The skin is quite attractive and I'm actually enjoying it on a standard laptop. Sling Media VP Jeremy Toeman indicates this first version of UMPC support is slated for an imminent release.

Now this is one thing that UMPCs are probably good for. Touchscreen, relatively big screen for a mobile device, and good connectivity. Sounds neat to us.

UMPC Slingplayer Video Preview [Mobility Today]

UMPC Slingplayer Preview [Zatz Not Funny]

Thanks Dave and Dave!