Truck Full of Axe Body Spray Catches Fire, Sprays Exploding Cans Everywhere

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Screenshot: KXXV

A semi-trailer truck carrying a shipment of Axe Body Spray caught fire near Interstate 35 in Belton, Texas on Friday morning, resulting in cans of the deodorant exploding and spraying across the street.


Per KCEN, the Axe explosion did not result in hordes of women in bikinis converging on the area as advertised, but it did shut down part of Interstate 35 from shortly after the Bell County Sheriff’s Department received a call around 3:39am local time to just before noon. No injuries were reported, which is very lucky, because videos of the incident posted online show that the cans of pressurized body spray really started one hell of a fire.

The truck did not fare as well, and local media posted footage of the road covered in countless burnt-out Axe cans. According to the Temple Daily Telegram, at its peak the fire was “throwing cans of Axe body spray onto nearby streets and drawing spectators who watched the roaring flames.”

No word on how bad the flaming heap of the nation’s worst body spray smelled while it was going on, but perhaps the region in general will temporarily smell better now that supplies of Axe have been cut off.

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This guarantees that no woman will be willing to get anywhere near this town for at least another five years.