Google Day Finally Gets an Official Date: October 9

Gif: Google

With all the Pixel 3 leaks making their way around the net, we’ve been wondering when Google would finally get around to announcing a date for its annual fall launch event. Well, now we know: It’s going to be on October 9 in New York City.


Unfortunately, the invite Gizmodo received containing the date of the event doesn’t include any details on what’s coming from Google. But based on current rumors and info, we’re expecting to see at least two new Pixel phones (the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL), along with new set of Pixel Buds and potentially a homegrown Google Smart Display.

However, one thing we definitely won’t see is a new Pixel Watch, because despite rumors about a new Google smartwatch arriving this fall, in a recent phone call with Tom’s Guide, Google reportedly confirmed it would not release a new watch before the end of the year.

Other products like a refreshed Pixel Book, a new Google Home, or even a second go at a Google Clips-style camera are also on the table, though we haven’t heard quite as much rumblings about those gadgets.

Either way, we’ll be there to cover all the new products and announcements, so check back with Gizmodo on October 9 for more Google and Pixel-related coverage.

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but we’ve already seen the pixel 3.