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Mayor Gives Out Viagra to Citizens: Start Having Sex or The School Gets It

Illustration for article titled Mayor Gives Out Viagra to Citizens: Start Having Sex or The School Gets It
Photo: Elise Amendola (AP)

A small village in France, about 50 miles southeast of Paris is facing a population decline that has put the future of the town’s schoolhouse at risk. And the mayor has proposed a simple solution—everyone should just have more sex.


Montereau has a population of 650—only about 30 of which are children—and it’s becoming difficult for the town to obtain funding for schools with such a low number of students.

The Telegraph reports that this alarming realization inspired the town’s mayor Jean Debouzy to issue a municipal decree to give out Viagra, a medication meant to treat erectile dysfunction.


“The mayor is in favour of distributing little blue pills,” the decree states, according to The Telegraph’s translation.“The pills will be distributed to couples between the ages of 18 and 40 in order to give them the chance of conception and thus preserve the schools the two villages,” referring to a nearby town that also has a dwindling population.

The decree also offers bonus payments to townspeople who procreate.

The Telegraph points out that rural flight has recently become a major issue in provincial France, and many “yellow vest” protestors have been advocating against the decay of public services, like schools.

“A village without children is a village that dies,” Debouzy told French newspaper the Local.

As the Telegraph and the Local point out, the legality of this decree is dubious since the mayor would need a medical prescription to obtain Viagra. The mayor admitted to the Local that he did not have a stock of pills ready to hand out.


“If needs be I’ll get the agreement of the council and we’ll get a stock in,” he told the newspaper.

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