WordPress Is Borked So Enjoy This Glorious Plant That's Taking Over the Internet

I shall name her Gertrude.
I shall name her Gertrude.
Screenshot: Victoria Song (TechCrunch)

The internet is full of sites, and a crap ton of them are run by WordPress. But around 1:05 pm today, something went sideways for sites hosted on the Wordpress VIP Go platform...and an internet star was born. See this friendly ‘lil succulent? It’s currently plastered on any site that reverted to the original WordPress theme.


Some sites impacted include TechCrunch, 9to5 Google, 9to5 Mac, Elektrek, DroneDJ, Rolling Stone, Quartz and BBC America (though the latter two just look messed up—like, drank too many tequilas at a bachelor party messed up. No friendly plant friend in sight).

According to WordPress’s VIP service Twitter account, it seems the issue is impacting not only themes, but it’s also causing 503 errors. That said, if you’re just a regular user, you’re probably in the clear.

Not to worry—WordPress is already working on a fix and it’s likely that by the time half of you read this, everything will be back to normal. Some sites have reportedly already started recovering from the snafu, but those impacted are currently being directed to contact WordPress’s customer support. In the meantime, please enjoy this slideshow documenting this brief but wonderful moment in internet history and say hello to the plant that’s becoming an icon.


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I will never understand why WP, a ridiculously overcomplicated, bloated structure, is used for anything.

It almost like nobody knows why html was created.

Yes I am outright saying WP sucks. It defines “Rube Goldberg