Judge Rules Neo-Nazi Publisher Andrew Anglin Must Hand Over $4.1 Million to Comedian

Radio host and comedian Dean Obeidallah sued Anglin over a 2017 article falsely accusing him of being a terrorist.
Radio host and comedian Dean Obeidallah sued Anglin over a 2017 article falsely accusing him of being a terrorist.
Photo: Bebeto Matthews (AP)

Comedian and radio host Dean Obeidallah first sued Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin for libel nearly two years ago in a case that has dragged on largely due to Anglin’s intentional absence from the trial and the country. Finally, in Ohio’s Southern District Court today, a judge ruled the neo-Nazi publisher owes Obeidallah the full award of $4.1 million.


The source of the suit is a Daily Stormer article from June of 2017 claiming Obeidallah to be an “ISIS terrorist” who was the “mastermind” behind the Manchester Arena bombing that killed 23 people. Whether the sort of people that regularly read neo-Nazi fabulist trash believed Obeidallah responsible or just wanted a new target to harass, Anglin gleefully provided the appropriate ammunition, and the radio host claims to have received a considerable volume of hateful messages and death threats.

As part of the ruling, Anglin also will be forced to delete any articles defaming Obeidallah.

Where collecting the cash award is concerned though, things get somewhat more complicated. Anglin has claimed to be living abroad for years and has repeatedly declined to provide his location or appear in court for this or other suits against him. His father testified in court today that he’d helped deposit $100,000 to $150,000 in reader donations that had been mailed in, though this gives only an incomplete picture of the operating funds of the Daily Stormer, a website which currently only accepts contributions via cryptocurrency.

Speaking with Gizmodo, however, Subodh Chanda—one of the lawyers representing Obeidallah—said he was optimistic about the funds being recovered, claiming the court had significant tools at its disposal, including the U.S. Marshalls, to enforce the judgment.

“American Muslims should be able to take part in public life without being threatened or attacked,” Mr. Obeidallah said in a press release provided by Muslim Advocates. “This ruling sends a clear message that Muslim voices will not be silenced by threats and hate.”

The judgment follows a considerably smaller victory earlier this week over the similarly libelous InfoWars publisher Alex Jones, who will pay $15,000 to cartoonist Matt Furie for unauthorized sales of merchandise featuring his intellectual property—the cartoon-turned-hate-symbol Pepe the Frog.


We’ve reached out to Anglin for comment but do not expect or especially want a reply, because truthfully the guy can fuck right off. In a quote given to the Daily Beast, where Obeidallah has been a contributor, he said he has no intention of keeping the Daily Stormer’s money but instead intends “to give it to organizations that fight hate and bigotry, the very groups Nazis despise.”

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Can he get the judge to order the seizure of assets? Assets such as the Daily Stormer?