You're Not Doing the Fourth of July Right If You're Not Blowing Up the World's Largest Fireworks Tank

Gif: YouTube

There’s an overwhelming variety of fireworks to help you celebrate the Fourth of July, including staples like burning schoolhouses, Roman candles, and those tiny tanks that roll around and shoot sparks. Those tanks were apparently a childhood favorite of Peter Sripol, who decided to build, and immediately destroy, a gigantic near life-size version now that he’s a responsible adult.


Like the miniature versions, Sripol’s cardboard tank rolls forward when propelled by a bank of rockets in the back, and fires projectiles like rockets and roman candles. But, in an additional grand finale, the tank also completely explodes in a shower of gun powder and pyrotechnics that’s sure to make every American a little extra patriotic today.

Do we have to tell you to absolutely don’t try this at home? Maybe? Ok, do not try this at home. Leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals, or in this case, a team of experienced YouTubers who so far have managed to not blow themselves up.



In college, I was studying technical theatre (as in, all the back stage, design, lighting, etc of theatre) and I got my pyro ticket so that we could do some flash pots for a college production. We made our own flash pots, created different colored smoke and flash effects.

Not on class time, the instructor and a few of us did a little summer time flash show on the instructor’s farm. It was like a 1 minute bit that we remote controlled with a really simple system.

Anyway, I don’t understand why they wasted so much time fucking around to light all the different parts of the tank. It would be so easy to make all the different parts of that tank go of in a controlled fashion without that stupid, giant lighter.