Nintendo Just Revealed The Switch Lite’s Best Upgrade

It was supposed to be the ultimate handheld portable gaming console, but the Nintendo Switch didn’t quite fit the bill. The Switch Lite promises a better design for gaming on the go, but Nintendo has only just revealed what is possibly the best new feature for improved portability: a snap-on case with a flip cover for protecting the console’s screen and joysticks.


Right now the case only appears to be available through Nintendo Japan’s online store in your choice of gray, gray, or gray. Sadly, Nintendo isn’t bundling it the with its new console (presumably to keep its discounted price as small as possible) and you’ll have to wait until early November to grab one for about $35. But if Nintendo decides not to release this accessory over here, you can expect to pay considerably more if you have to import one.

There’s no shortage of cases for the original Nintendo Switch, but they all tend to be on the bulky side to accommodate extra Joy-Cons, accessories, and game cartridges. This streamlined alternative is exactly what the Switch Lite needs; it adds minimal bulk while ensuring the console’s delicate joysticks don’t get banged around or snagged in your bag or deep pockets, and it protects that plastic screen from getting horribly scratched up. For those who never travel with their Switch for fear of it not surviving, this is the accessory that might convince you the Switch Lite is worth the upgrade and a necessary travel companion.


So I’m undecided, when the new Pokemon game comes out I will need to buy a second Switch for my wife so we can play it together.

On one hand, I could buy her the upgraded regular version, and that would be fine. But it’s another $100, and we don’t really need two of them that can connect to the TV.

I’m leaning toward the lite for a couple of reasons - the first is that she drops things constantly. Her phone has to be in an otterbox, and thank god Nintendo built the 2DS like a tank. The removable joycons and larger size of the Switch might be too fragile (and expensive). Furthermore, the lite might fit in her purse, but the regular one most certainly will not. And this case would do a great job of keeping the joysticks from being snapped off, if nothing else.

But on the other hand... it’s only $100 more, and it comes with another dock (I already have two, but I might buy another TV relatively soon). Plus that’s an extra set of joycons, which will work with whatever. And if she did want to use it with the TV, she could and she would be able to play her own saves from her Switch.

But on the other other hand... I was really hoping a Switch Pro would be available for Pokemon. I would upgrade mine, and she would have my old one. If I buy another reguilar Switch, then if/when a Pro comes out, it will seem kinda stupid to buy it. But if we just get a lite, that’s $100 saved toward buying a Pro, and not feeling so bad about it.

I guess any version of the system could be resold, but Gamestop is a scam, and anything else is a hassle.