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Horny audiophiles lusty for more sundry alternatives to raw-dog banging, here ya go: today Caroline Spiegel, the 22-year-old sister of Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, serves you an audio and text-only platform for erotic storytelling. In Bloomberg and Wired profiles, Spiegel–who launched “Quinn” as a website while a student at Stanford–announces that she’s taking the site mobile, where users can listen to, read, and upload their recordings for approval, eliminating the turn-offs of monitors, ad breaks, and desks.

The site offers some creative alternatives to the standard Eiffel Tower vids, though the offerings aren’t necessarily less graphic: there’s some truly hair-raising jellied-up fapping (ASMR) and a holy-shit incest fantasy narrated by a scolding British father to make you gasp in the office. There’s also tamer fare, like a narrated BDSM session and spoken-word shower sex.


The app isn’t expected for release until early 2020 a Quinn spokesperson told Gizmodo, but they said the company is doing the promotion rounds on the occasion of launching out of beta and debuting a site redesign.

Spiegel’s edging in the market currently cornered by sites like r/GoneWildAudio, Literotica, and, most similarly, Dipsea, a subscription-based model for primarily foreplay-and-arousal-oriented stories which launched in 2018 and is also targeted to Millennial women. Unlike Dipsea, Quinn’s content is free, and listeners have the option to donate to storytellers. In March, Spiegel told TechCrunch that she had raised less than a million dollars for the site.

In any case, the app opts to take the foot off the gas a bit. Spiegel tells Bloomberg:

Everyone’s like, ‘Oh VR porn is the future and the more graphic, the more in-your-face kind of porn the better. Quinn is kind of a contrarian take. Human desire is more complicated and people want content they can really relate to, truly connect with.


On the flip side, you can take your porn to go: jogging porn, lunch break porn, cooking porn, kinda-bored porn, porn for all occasions. No judgements here.

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