This Is the Dumb Ford v Ferrari That We Deserve

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Ford v Ferrari dramatizes the story of an engineer team’s quest to build a Ford car that can beat Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race so the American company can boost lagging car sales. The film, released earlier this month, has raised eyebrows and pumped fists alike, with reviews deeming it both a climate change horror film” and “a celebration of three of the most important energy sources in the world: capitalism, gasoline and testosterone.”


It’s a bromantic love story for the simple days of the Man’s World when brute grease monkeys could still triumph despite engineering challenges and bureaucratic meddling. Ford won the race, along with the next three La Mans competitions, elevating the manufacturer’s brand for the long haul.

But times are different now, for we are living in the era of the Cybertruck. Last week, Elon Musk introduced the world to his dystopian beast of a play-tank. During his demonstration, Musk presented specs for an electric car that, as Jalopnik put it, could “out-truck a Ford F-150, outperform a Porsche 911.”

Musk tried to prove that assertion three days later when he tweeted a video of his Cybertruck engaged in a tug of war with the F-150—a challenge the Doomsday DeLorean seemed to conquer with ease.

But then a chorus of disputers called foul-play, contending that the Cybertruck was all-wheel drive and the F-150 could have been rear-wheel drive, that the F-150 model used in the test was lighter than the Cybertruck, and that the motorized polygon got a head start. The human embodiment of “well, actually” even got into the fray.


Then Sundeep Madra, vice president of Ford’s venture incubator, chimed in, tweeting that his company would do an “apples to apples” test.

Musk, of course, responded to the schoolyard taunt immediately: “Bring it on.”

Ford did not immediately respond to a Gizmodo request for comment on whether it has plans to test a Cybertruck against an F-150. Musk tweeted that he’s aiming to do a rematch next week.


Ford v Tesla is no 24-hour endurance race, but it is a dumb ego-fueled challenge between car brands that we deserve.

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David E. Davis

My reaction to the Fv.F review, not the overall post:

a“climate change horror film

Take a Xanax, Chicken Little. It’s a historical drama about Carroll Shelby’s involvement in making the Ford GT40 beat the pants off of Ferrari’s dominating cars at LeMans. You went in with an predetermined agenda and came out thinking you proved your prejudged point. Congrats on that I guess, douchecanoe.