Finally! You'll Be Able to Move Events Between Google Calendars on Your Phone

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If you’ve ever tried editing your Google Calendar from your phone, then you know it can be a total drag. But now it appears Google is rolling out an update that will let you move your events from one calendar to another.


It’s not an update that everyone might break out the champagne for, but it is helpful for anyone who cries at the thought of syncing their work and personal calendars. Up until now, it’s just been ‘easier’ to use a computer. On mobile, your only options until now were to duplicate events (which you could easily do via the three-dot button) and then delete the original event once it was on the correct calendar.

The new update will just let you simply reassign an event or appointment via the edit menu. From there you should see a new option below the title that lets you choose another calendar. The feature definitely isn’t live for everyone just yet, though according to Android Police, force quitting the Calendar app and clearing its cache may bring it up. I tried bringing it up on my Pixel 4 XL and iPhone XS Max, but it hasn’t popped up on either phone just yet. I also tried the method of force quitting and clearing my cache, but no luck. It would also appear that this is a server-side update, so updating to the latest version of the app may not make the feature magically appear.

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This may not seem like a big deal for some but this is my single biggest annoyance on Google calendar. Thank you Google for finally fixing this massive irritation.