Adorable Animated Super Mario Chain Chomp Toy Will Help You Practice Safe Social Distancing

If you’ve played the various iterations of games like Super Mario and Mario Kart over the years, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself at the dangerous end of a Chain Chomp more than once. The character can be a terrifying baddie to stumble across in a game, but in real life it’s the most adorable way to keep other people away.


As demonstrated by the folks at the UK-based online retailer In Demand Toys, the interactive Chain Chomp toy can be secured to any smooth surface using a suction cup mount. When it detects someone walking by or in its vicinity, it comes to life and thrashes and flails about in an attempt to attack while being restrained by a short chain.

Using a mechanism hidden inside—presumably powered by an electric motor with an offset spinning weight to create the erratic motions—the Chain Chomp will terrorize anyone who comes near, but its bark and is far worse than its bite. In fact, with teeth made from stitched fabric, it has no actual bite to speak of.

It’s currently on sale for about $25, which positions it perfectly as something you probably don’t need but wouldn’t hesitate to add to your cart.


It is totally one of these :

but instead of the weasel it has a chain and a gimp mask.