Android TV Is Getting a Big Update With a New Discovery Page

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Image: Android TV

The Android TV experience is getting an upgrade.

Google today announced that it’s bringing better discovery features to Android TV with three new tabs: Home, Discover, and Apps. Situated at the top of the screen, these new tabs will help users quickly navigate to a page with all of their applications and services, see what’s new, and explore content in a dedicated discovery hub.


Key among these new tabs is the Discover page. One of the best things about the layout of Android TV is that it already allows you to see relevant titles and content from each of your individual apps from your home screen. That’s not changing. But with Discover, Google says it will bring Android TV users more personalized content suggestions that pull from what you watch as well as from trends on Google. Think of it as a more organized suggestion tool, or a single place to browse for something to watch.

The update began rolling out this week to Android TV OS devices this week in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the U.S. More countries will get the update in the weeks ahead, the company said. I didn’t immediately see the update available on either of my Android TV devices, so keep an eye out in the coming days if you don’t either.

It’s not a perfect copy of Chromecast with Google TV’s excellent interface—that one includes tabs for things like movies, shows, and live TV. But this latest update should make finding something to watch a little easier, particularly for those of us who subscribe to more services than we can count.



I really wish I could just have a *clean* homescreen. No recommendations bullshit. I know what I want to watch and how I want to watch it, I don’t need twenty new services advertised to me on my homescreen.

Even Apps Only mode on my Chromecast with Google TV still gives me bullshit “for you”.