We're fortunate enough to live in a world where writing things down longhand is almost entirely unnecessary. So why not write things down just for the hell of it, aided by digital technology? Especially with college right around the corner, the Oxford Easybook M3 Digital Notepad could come in handy. Or not.

Using a special digital pen, the Easybook M3 is an actual notebook that can later sync with a PC to create e-mails, Word documents and other, you know, non-written down formats. The notepad is lined with "little dots" spaced 0.3 mm apart, which are used by the notebook to interpret your scribbles.


Granted, hand recognition technology is nothing new, and tablet PCs have been using hand recognition for a while now, but at least with the Easybook you don't have to lug around a whole PC when all you need is a notebook. It isn't particularly cheap, either, retailing around $461. At a price like that, you might as well spring for a laptop so you can play games in class.

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