Gaming may slow down in the summer but hot sweaty coverage never stops at sister site Kotaku. What's been going on for the last week of June?

There has been a bit of a tizzy going on amongst the blogger crowd, with a 1UP contributor calling out Loco Roco's character design as... maybe a bit racist. Maybe stereotypical is a better word. We take a look at the issue from two perspectives and watch the e-fists fly.

More potential bad news for Take-Two Interactive as someone on the executive team might be indicted on criminal charges related to the infamous "Hot Coffee" scandal. It's only conjecture at this point from a Wedbush Morgan analyst, but the analyst in discussion ain't no dummy. Further, actor Roger Hill filed a lawsuit against the company, demanding payment for the allegedly unauthorized use of his likeness in Rockstar's homage to The Warriors. You're really eating into the executive escort fund, Rog. Cut it out.

Microsoft shot down rumors that it would be updating the Xbox 360 with an internal HD-DVD drive, after Toshiba execs hinted a reformatting might be in the works. Speculation about a firm 360 price through the holidays is brewing as rumors abound of an external HD-DVD pack-in bundle.


Nintendo of Japan unveiled the latest marketing ploy designed to get more girls and DS Lite collectors to drop another 16,800 yen: Pink! As the proud owner of a pink GBA, I am so looking forward to this coming stateside.


World of Warcraft addicts now have something else to drop their cash on: character transfers! Blizzard made the transaction process live, meaning overcrowded realms, grouping with strangers, and splintered accounts are no longer an issue. Okay, realm population is still going to be an issue, but who cares? Let's spend!

The PSP looks like it'll get a huge boost to its library, to the tune of some 7,000 PSone titles. Sure, there are assuredly some regional duplicates in there and we're still not clear how we'll use the R2 and L2 (and R3 and L3...) buttons and we'll wind up buying Tomb Raider for the third time, but we're in total denial with this great news.