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BenQ decided it didn't want to let those other weasels steal all the thunder, so it decided to finally release its own Blu-ray burner next month. We saw the model BW1000 back in April—a shiny, strange toaster-like device which will be able to burn BD-R discs at 2x, and will also handle most flavors of DVDs and CDs. A collaboration between Philips and BenQ, this writer will be able to store 50GB of data.


Now it will be a race to see who can pump the most volume into the Blu-ray burner market, with Sony, Pioneer, Philips, Panasonic and now BenQ all vying for market share. There have been numerous rollouts, announcements, introductions and launches, but it's mostly talk with a few units trickling out here and there so far. Ironically, BenQ may just beat one of the main inventors of Blu-ray, Sony, to the punch, if it delivers this unit in August. Even if the burners ship in volume, will anybody want one? If anybody's actually interested in buying one of these BenQ burners, they'll have to shell out $1022.

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