B&W must be real proud of itself, releasing these svelte-looking XT speakers that would look great pretty much anywhere. There's four models in the XT series and they each serve different purposes. The XT4 is a three-way speaker; the XT2 is a two-way speaker; the XTC is a two-way center channel speaker; and the PV1 is a subwoofer, which may or may not fit in your low-rider.

Each model comes with the high quality components that you might expect from Bowers & Wilkins. The XT4 has a Nautilus tweeter located on the top, which is supposed to provide "wider dispersion for a better image stability." The XT2 also has its tweeter up top, but is a little smaller than the XT4. Meanwhile, the XTC can be used vertically so as to function as front speakers and not just a center channel. Finally, the PV1—that's the one that looks like a bowling ball—performs as admirably as a subwoofer can be expected to. It produces 500 watts of "ICEpower amplfication" and can accept both speaker and line level inputs. The PV1 can be had in a number of different colors, including silver or gray, and the other three can be gotten in the silver you see here in the picture.


The XT4 costs about $3,129 per pair; the XT2 costs $1,287 per pair; the XTC is $1,011 and is sold singly; the PV1 is $1,749, also sold singly.

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