Sure, this is a pink phone, but the CKT 6689 also even more girly than that, showing the ladies when they'll get their next monthly visit from that loathsome crimson companion. There's also a courageous BMI indicator that is brave enough to consistently tell that babe in no uncertain terms whether those shorts she's wearing make her look fat.

Other than those two unique features, this is not much more than a basic clamshell handset from previously-unseen Chinese manufacturer CKT. We're not thinking this menstrual prognosticator is going to be entirely necessary around most households, where mounting tensions usually make it pretty obvious when the bleeding's about to start. Around that time of month, guys, just be sure to answer, "No, those shorts have a pronounced slimming effect, honey—are you losing weight?"


CKT 6689 offers more to women than pink [Mobile Mentalism]