It's hard for us to resist covering sports bras, especially when there are a trio of shapely young lasses enswathed in a variety of them. The Power Pouch Sports Bra from Gracie's Gear is available in three styles (left to right), the Cami, Short Top and Long Tank. They'll hold that iPod (or anything else of similar size) securely in between those jugs, whether they're large or small, and there's even a loophole for headphones.


Looks like a much better solution than hanging an iPod around the neck, having it flop all over the place, or strapped onto an arm, which could cut off circulation. The Power Pouch is made of polyester with just the right percentage of spandex—lifting and separating while leaving enough room in between for even an 60GB iPod. But not just iPods can be accommodated. All MP3 players are welcome to come along for the joy ride, too.

Product Page [gracie's gear, via uber review]