• XM Satellite Radio adds 398,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2006, total is now 6.89 million [Orbitcast]
• Sirius adds 600,460 new subscribers, brining its total to 4.67 million [Orbitcast]
• Apple sued for stock option irregularities [MacWorld]
• Spim and Splog—IM and blog spam, respectively—on the rise says e-mail and IM filtering company [CNET]
• Cable Industry and Friends Out to Bury CableCARD [PVRblog]
• Apple's iWork '07 To Get Spreadsheet App, Not Seen As Excel Foil [AppleInsider]
• Bell Labs Site Faces Demolition [NYTimes]
• eBay Bans Google Checkout [CNET]
• WGA Suit Probably Meritless [ZDNet]