Bengalboy, his kitten, and his awful image-resizing program that makes all his pictures look like he rubbed sand on the lens, has reviewed the HTC MTeoR. Two things stick out from this review: the right boob and the left boob the speed and the reception quality. The MTeoR has a 300MHz Samsung processor, which is blazing compared to the T-Mobile MDA with its 200MHz processor. It's the fastest he's used in a MS Smartphone and he's really impressed by the responsiveness.

The phone has 3G in "all frequencies", and Quad-band GSM/EDGE support if your plan doesn't support UMTS. It uses the Windows Mobile Smartphone OS, and is in a candybar body. No QWERTY keyboard here, in case you were wondering.


The phone will cost around $700, so you can either start saving now, or have your kid get used to her crooked teeth.

HTC MTeoR 3G SmartPhone "Strikes" North America [Bengalboy]