If you're looking for an excellent Internet-enabled universal remote, here's a good deal on a Logitech Harmony 628, which doesn't have the color LCD screen, soft keys or charging pad of its more sophisticated brother, the Logitech Harmony 880, but then it doesn't have that $250 price tag, either.

Plus, the 628's fast-forward, rewind and play keys are in more user-friendly positions. Even though the soft keys that show up on the 880's color LCD display will definitely impress your friends, using that feature every day is not as easy as pushing the dedicated activity buttons on the Harmony 628. Take my word for it, I've used them both for many hours, and the 628 is the best value in remote controls on the market and couldn't be easier to program and use. Best of all, it's selling for $40 ($130 retail) at Tiger Direct. While they last.

Morning Deals Roundup [The Consumerist]

UPDATE: If you simply must have the Logitech Harmony 880 with its fancy color LCD and charging cradle, Dell is offering a great deal on it for today (7/11/06) only —$100 after a $30 rebate. (Thanks, Jeff!)