Magnetic Floating Bed: Oh. Your. God.
what's all this crap about the poles reversing and ending up on the ceiling? The bed floats by being repelled from the floor. The poles reversing would mean it would be attracted to the floor. Unless the magical pole-reversal fairies come in the night and move all the magnets in the floor to the ceiling.
by Super Aardvark

Speculation: Talking iPod Forthcoming?
hmm. i'd still rather have WiFi than listen to Kiefer Sutherland breathily announce that i'm about to hear Kajagoogoo's hit "Too Shy".
by Papercutninja
it needs to be built in to the song counting thing so it can comment on how many times you've listened to it as well.
"look you sad sack, elliot smith wrote a bunch of other songs too. you don't really need to listen to happiness again. asshole."
by scaught

My PC Is On Fire - Dell Laptop Inspired Video
Well, looking into my Crystal Ball of Awesomeness and Spendour (availible at most drug stores, corner stores and shops of Alchemy), I see that this video was not, in fact, original, but is part of the movie "Elephant's Dream by the Orange Open Movie Product. See
All else aside, I too was very impressed by the video, and am contemplaing seeing the rest of this movie. The setting of the song to the video was very well done, and the song itself is very nice. Very much like a Weird Al song. I hope he keeps it up...
by Josiah

330 MPG Concept Vehicle
Unless of course they have found a way to break the laws of thermodynamics.
Yeah. It's in the brochure.
Did you skip over the section on their patented Thermo-whatsit Breaky Thingy technology?
by Paul D

Sennheiser PC155 USB PC Skype Headset Hands-On
Got a set of these today as well. We are trying out a number of these headsets for our company and this is the best so far (the Logitech 350 was reviewed as "so uncomfortable it made me want to kill myself" by one of our folks today).
I agree that the sound is a little bit bass-heavy and doesn't have the sweet neutrality of Sennheiser's other cans, but overall I'm pretty pleased with both music and call quality. Skype's pause and fade-in with iTunes makes these really easy to keep on all day, and I think the lack of total ear coverage actually makes it easier to wear these all day in a warmer office. We'll be keeping them.
Now, if Polycom would just release Mac software for their Communicator, we could dump our landlines entirely....
by hoss


Sidekick 3: The Good, Bad and Ugly
I agree that the battery life is abysmal, and I've also had trouble with the screen catching. I've started doing a little downward wrist flick when I open the screen to keep it from catching and not opening all the way.
Nobody seems to have mentioned that the keyboard is a lot nicer than the old one. I couldn't type very fast on the old rubber KB, and the glue was defective so I had to crazy glue it into place a couple times, no fun. I can type much faster on the new one, and I doubt there will be the defective glue/peeling keyboard issues of the old sidekicks.
Internet and general interaction is a lot faster. 10 Pin actually responds to my actions immediately, I've had to retrain myself not to correct for lag in response time. Now if they could just get the rest of the games I liked upgraded . . .
by kerry