Just when you thought the iPod couldn't get any bigger. Bob Borchers, the senior director of iPod worldwide product marketing, recently told CNET UK's Crave that Apple wants more consumers using iPod-enabled automobiles rather than the plethora of third-party accessories. Borchers also said that Apple has no interest in producing their own car stereo, but they will be working with other companies to improve iPod integration in new cars. So I guess buying a new $20,000 will be the new hot iPod accessory this year.

I personally think this iPod integration is a bunch of rubbish. I recently purchased a new Honda Civic and I was given the option of iPod integration. It is essentially a iPod dock connector that comes out of the glove box, whoop de doo. I'll take my $350 that I would have spent on this iPod accessory and spend it on Taiwanese hookers and have a way better time, especially because the new Civics already come loaded with auxiliary inputs for the stereo. Hey car manufacturers, ditch the iPod connection and just start including auxiliary inputs in all vehicles. It is cheaper, will make the FCC more happy—no FM transmission—and can work with the iPod and more.


Still confused about the Civic iPod integration? Check out video review here of the on-board iPod integration from Gizmodo's own, Charlie. Image via CNET

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