We first heard a tiny bit of information about the Archos 404 portable media player six weeks ago, and now a few more facts have emerged, showing the diminutive unit (5.11" x 3" x .6" thick) with a 3.5" LCD display that's in a 4x3 format with 320x240 pixels, supporting a variety of video and audio formats as long as your arm (spec list after the jump). We're also hearing the Archos 604 is forthcoming, with comparable specs except with a 16x9 (480x272) widescreen display instead of a 4x3.

Perhaps most intriguing is an optional docking station, compatible with all the players in the x04 series, that will turn these babies into personal video recorders, laying down video in DivX 5.0, or even H.264 with the appropriate plug-ins. Availability wasn't announced, but the company earlier mentioned these players will be available in July or August, so we're thinking we'll be seeing them fairly soon. Pricing for the Archos 404 will be $435, and the Archos 604 will be $508.

More details on Archos' x04 lineup [DAP Preview]

Archos 404:
30 GB capacity
3.5" display
320x240 pixels, (604 model has 480x272), 16 million colors
MTP/UMS capable
Format support: MP3, WMA, WAV, JPEG, BMP, PNG, MPEG4 ASP (Level 5), XviD, DivX 4, DivX 5, WMV9 (max resolution of 704x 480 @ 30fps, 720 X 576 @ 25fps)
Voice recorder
PDF viewer
Built-in speaker
15 hours of battery life playing audio, 4 with video