Handy Fashions is selling a series of scarves that incorporate a technology that supposedly blocks out the harmful radiation caused by cellphones. Available in a variety of sizes, the scarves are also designed to complement your wardrobe with its hip, silvery finish and sensible, old lady spirit. The shielding is so good (how. good. is. it?) that wrapping the scarf around a cellphone will leave it "out of range" after a few seconds. Other adventures in English can be found on Handy Fashions' Web site, including how "size 3 is perfect as head scarf for laydies." Combine the scarf with an anti-EMF hat and you're all set to go once more into the breach.

The Scarves, which apparently hail from Norway, range in price from around $48 up to $164.

Product Page [Handy Fashions via The Red Ferret Journal]