This is the hottest time of the year, and what could be more welcome than a seat cooler that could turn that red-hot car seat into a cooling oasis in no time flat? Smarthome is offering this 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat for $50—that's $10 off its normal price—and it's said to provide almost instant relief during those unfortunate times when you feel like you've suddenly sat upon a smoking griddle.

This will certainly be welcome inside that car that can heat up to well beyond 150 degrees on a sunny day in late July. Plus, you can use it inside the home or office, too. If you have to spend your day around those cold-blooded fussbudgets who must be from the planet Vulcan, insisting on maintaining temperatures that are well above 80 degrees inside, there's an AC adapter that lets you use this coolness indoors, too. Does it feel like it's hotter than a June bride in a feather bed were you are? Sweet, blessed relief is on the way.


Product Page [Smarthome, via Crowded Brain]