Japan's Thanko will release the iBlueTube this August, an iPod dock that features two blue glowing LED-laden vacuum tubes on the sides that serve no purpose other than to make you go "oooh" and "aaah," which is just how we like it. Besides the glowing warming glow of the vacuum tubes, the iBlueTube also features AV outputs for viewing the iPod's videos on TVs and listening to your music on other (read: real) speakers. The included speakers deliver 12 watts of power, which is alright considering the small size of the dock. And yes, you can transfer all your music and videos while the iPod is docked.

The iBlueTube should be available sometime in August in Japan for around $566. Pretty pricey, but how many other docks have vacuum tubes sticking out? I wonder if you'll have to replace the tubes every two minutes like in old TVs.

Product Page (in Japanese) [Thanko via New Launches]