Alltel and LG have launched the first phone in the U.S. to have a FasTap text keypad. What is FasTap? Well, if you look closely on the picture you can see the little black circles that are placed between all of the numpad keys. Those little black circles are actually individual letters. It is kind of like QWERTY keypads on smartphones, just not in the QWERTY layout. No longer will you have to deal with predictive texting or that T9 bullshit that I actively boycott. Phones with individual letter buttons are much faster for text messaging (from my personal experiences) and produce more entertaining drunken text messages.

Other than the FasTap keypad, this phone is pretty average: VGA camera, OLED display, Bluetooth, etc. The LG AX-490 will be available this Thursday through Alltel.

Alltel to Launch First FasTap Phone in U.S. [PhoneScoop]