Mitsubishi will soon begin offering Sirius Satellite Radio receivers standard or as a factory-installed option on all of their vehicles. For the 2007 model year, four models—the Galant RALLIART, Endeavor SE, Raider LS and DuroCross—will either come standard with the receivers or have it as a factory-installed option. Then in 2008 the entire Mitsubishi line in the U.S. will come with Sirius standard or as a factory option. Best of all: the Sirius-equipped vehicles will come with a six-month subscription. Most other vehicle manufacturers include only one or three month free subscriptions before the month fee kicks in.

This is definitely good news, especially in a time where the FCC is pounding portable satellite radio manufacturers in the ass for FM frequency violations. It is better to have it already integrated into the sound system than dealing with FM transmitter nonsense anyway.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio to be Standard &Factory Option on All Mitsubishi Vehicles in 2007 [Orbicast]