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Yes, that's August's issue of Wired Magazine, where Stephen Colbert is on the cover, MURDERING an iPod video with a hack saw. If you can get past the painful imagery up front, and open the book, you'll find tips and tricks for getting more mileage out of your gadgetry. Bits like how to watch youtube clips on your iPod, catch your cellphone calls on an airplane, boost your wifi signal, take better phonecam pics, and how to turn your Prius into a generator. By the way, Gawker-ites Mike Spinnelli of Jalopnik, Gina Trapani from Lifehacker, and I helped make this issue. What, you think we've got nothing better to do with our time than hold your hands? There, there, you're still special.

Wired's How To Issue [ Wired Magazine ]