When the old dogs at PC Magazine call something "perfect", it actually means something. They've been reviewing PCs since the Eisenhower administration, so for a HTPC to get a 4.5 out of 5 on their scale it has to be good.

The WinBook Jiv Mini will run you $1,200, but comes loaded with a bunch of features in a little package. There's the outputs: DVI, component, S-Video, and composite. The connectivity: IR, Bluetooth, 802.11 a/g, and Ethernet. Everything sounds good so far, except for the 100GB laptop-sized hard drive that they had to use to keep the overall size down.


All in all, it's powerful enough to play back video and act as a home theatre just fine, but chokes when you load up even old games like Doom 3. The main draw is the Jiv's size and shape. It's great for the living room, but if you need more power, go for a larger HTPC.

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