Gizmodo Japan is live, with Moko Imada helming our far East sister site with the help of a small staff, and hundreds of Gundam reporters. Sure, it's in Japanese, so it's a little hard to read for us foreign dogs. But a little bit of Google Translate magic, and you've got an easy way to keep up with Akihabara happenings. As a bonus, they'll be updating during our midnight hours, because of the time zone differences. So, Gizmodo loyalists can click all day at big poppa, and check out Gizmodo Japan all night long. Visit them via links on the top of our home page (Japan link coming as soon as the web monkey makes it.) Drop in and say hi. And of course, we've all our sister sites in Europe you can visit, too. Gizmodo: International Gadget Site of Mystery.

Gizmodo Japan, Translated by Google [ Gizmodo Japan ]