Last week was all about the Xbox 360 and the handheld war. Here's what you might have missed on Kotaku for the last week in July.

Rumor and speculation that Microsoft would be dropping the price of its Xbox 360 were scuttled this week as analysts fed the gaming community a little something they call "logic". Despite many years of schooling and in-depth market research, message board trolls were unconvinced.

But those looking to game on the (slightly more) cheap should be happy to know that Xbox 360 bundles started popping up in retail store databases, giving the "Wii60" one less reason to invest in that PS3.

Current 360 owners had some additional cheap-ass gaming to enjoy as both the Q Entertainment/Phantagram developed Ninety Nine Nights and Rockstar's Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis hit Xbox Live in demo format. I just downloaded in my pants, it's so exciting!

While Nintendo is enjoying huge success with their recently released cooking and English-training non-games, a bevy of future DS release dates of actual honest-to-goodness games was released from the fine PR folks. I'll be ordering my copy of Kirby Squeak Squad over the internet, thank you very much.

Some good news from the other side of the portable war, hit as the first Greatest Hits PSP titles made their way to store shelves. But don't worry, there's still no reason to eject your copy of Lumines. Aw. We kid.

There might be something exciting to play around Q2 of 2007 as it appears that The Elders Scrolls IV, better known as PC and Xbox 360 mega-hit Oblivion, might just be making its way to the PSP. Will Bethesda shut me up about no good RPG's for the PSP? Maybe!