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If you simply can't do without your TV for even a few minutes but have money to burn, you might want to take a look at the Lux ARIIS-AR26SSA Outdoor TV, a fortified outdoor entertainment center complete with a WiFi receiver that extends your Windows Media Center out by the pool or deck. This is one serious TV, where its makers started out with a Sharp 26-inch LCD, and put it into virtually bulletproof enclosure with glare- and reflection-free glass up front as well as a stainless steel housing to protect its WiFi receiver and marine-grade speakers. It almost looks like you could grill burgers with it.

The included waterproof universal remote controls the computerized goodness inside, and it can also control any other devices you have around the pool and spa. Watching TV and media on your PC while you're lounging around the pool or patio better be pretty important to you, though, because you'll have to shell out $6,800 for the privilege. Even at this high price you'll still need a Windows Media Center PC to feed this contraption from inside the house. It's your money.

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