Dutch giant Philips is poised to release nine speaker sets for this autumn, with the 100-watt SPA9300 (pictured here) headlining the show. While only a 2.1-channel system, the SPA9300 does boast an 8-inch subwoofer that's capable of reproducing frequencies as low as 35Hz. It also includes a 3.3-mm input to connect your MP3 player.

One rung down the ladder from the SPA9300 is the SPA7300, a 60-watt system that's pretty much identical to the SPA9300 in every other aspect. Moving towards the low-end of the lineup is the SPA3200 and SPA2200. These two are decidedly low-end, coming in at 10-watts and 4-watts, respectively. They do, however, include "Bass Boost" technology, which hopefully isn't just another hollow marketing term. (The rest of the speakers are similar enough to not want to have this post drown in a sea of wattage ratings and response numbers; all of that can be found on Philips' Web site for the truly hardcore.)


The top of the line SPA9300 will set you back around $150 when it's released this September (in the UK, at least); most of the rest will also see a September release. Hopefully, Philips isn't playing favorites with the different markets.

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