The Aiptek HyperPen 1200U is a USB device that's designed to be plugged into your hulking desktop machine, giving you the ability to input text with a special, wireless pen. (Yes, just like a Wacom , but cooler. Honest.) The writing surface can detect up to 512 levels of pressure and has a 3,048 LPI resolution, so that should be enough to accurately capture your digital pen strokes. Should you want, you can ever set up the HyperPen to function as a replacement for your trusty mouse.

The tablet measures 12 x 9-inches and has 24 keys "for quick and easy access," nine of which are customizable. It's compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can find the HyperPen 1200U online for around $100.

Product Page [Aiptek via Ubergizmo]