The Sony NW-E005 Walkman has the slick black Sony design that people seem to love, bundled with a price that's very un-Sony like. The 2GB version is $130 while the 1GB is $100 and 512MB is $70. Not cheap for a flash-based MP3 player, but not expensive either.

The simple OLED display gives you the bare minimum of information, while the FM radio lets you listen to something other than your 2GB worth of tunes once in a while. The 28 hours of playback is hefty, and the MP3, ATRAC3 and unprotected WMA/AAC playback is pretty standard. The only downside is the Sony SonicStage software you'll have to use to handle your tunes. Their new version improves things, but it's still no iTunes in terms of usability.

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