Gizmodo is looking for a part-time Intern in Chief in the SF Bay Area.

Ideally, you should have:

•An almost perverse desire to be a gadget writer
•Be available for a few hours a day to work from either Gizmodo's SF lair, or from home.
•Should look exactly like Site Lead B.Lam at 1/2 scale, and communicate only in pantomine.


The job will mostly be all about us, us, us. We'll need help rounding up links, finding stories, and doing some legwork on posts. The pay: minimal, and mostly symbolic. The good side? We can help you transform from a scruffy, wet-behind-the-ears intern into a superstar gadget journalist.

Send your pleas for gainless employment, plus resume, to me at, with "slave labor" in the subject line.