Panasonic will border your new plasma with one of eight frame designs, to transform your livingroom into an art gallery (with a lay-z-boy). With names like Classic Gold Leaf, and Bombay Mahogany, you should know its not going to be cheap: about $400 to $450, depending on if it's made of hardwood, softwood, or metal. And right now, you can only get two models framed: the TH-EBP42F9, at 42-inches, and the TH-EBP50F9 at 50-inches. (Both $2500 and $3500 respectively.)

Panasonic will also let you download art from their HD Image Gallery (for pay!), to show off your plasma's contrast ratio. (What, football not good enough anymore?)

Panasonic Framed Plasmas [ via Gear Live ]