Get ready for some double-negative logic: Microsoft's Zune won't necessarily not support Windows Media files and subscription services, according to a member of the group that works on current Windows Media devices. In fact, reports on the Web that Microsoft was backing off away from PlaysForSure seem to be based on misunderstandings: Microsoft still wants third-party music player manufacturers to be certified and will continue to support PFS; it just doesn't feel the need to certify its own device. That means the safe bet would be that the Zune will play songs purchased from MSN Music, Rhapsody, Urge, Napster, and others. But could the lack of support for the PFS certification mean the only Zune connection will be wireless? (And, really, does any of this matter as long as Apple continues to dominate the market?)

Microsoft Not Turning Back on PlaysForSure with Zune Player [Create Digital Music]