Starting at an astronomical price of $2,800, the 20-inch Acer Aspire 9800 lets you take your HD DVD anywhere, as long as you can lift 17.2 lbs. Not for the weak of heart, wallet, or back, the Aspire 9800 has a Core Duo T2600, 2GB of RAM, Geforce Go 7600 graphics card, 240GB hard drive and an HD DVD drive.

The laptop—and we use that term very loosely—is available now in the North American market. We suppose it's useful if you want to use this as a desktop replacement that can be moved around the house or office easily. But if you want HD DVD in a "laptop" form factor, this is one of your only options for now.


Acer Aspire 9800 20.1" Screen Notebook Officially Released in North America [Notebook Review via TechEBlog]