WeibeTech just enhanced its ToughTech Enclosure, where the company raised the bar on performance while adding more connectivity to the equation. The company started out by goosing its Oxford 924 bridge which performs faster than its Oxford 922 predecessor when using FireWire 800 and USB 2.0. Then there's that quick-like-a-bunny eSATA port, and you can either add your own 3.5" SATA 1 or 2 drive for transfer rates of 1.5 or 3Gbps, or get an enclosure with a SATA drive included.

A serious advantage these ToughTech enclosures have had all along is their FlexMount anti-shock protection, keeping that valuable data and all your most important porn safe even if you jostle it around. The enclosure by itself, to which you add drives, is $119.95, or you can get it with SATA drives included, were the 250GB unit is $252.95, the 500GB is $455.95, and the 750GB is $784.95. Just add a SATA card to your Mac or PC and you're off and running like the wind.

Product Page [WiebeTech]