For those who haven't figured out that UMPCs do nothing well, here's a series of the mini-tablets that can do a bad job of everything, only faster. That's because the TabletKiosk i7210 has a faster 1GHz Pentium M processor. But wait, the lower-priced i7209 isn't as lucky, it's still stuck with a 900MHz Intel Celeron M.

Both have a spec list that resembles most of the other UMPCs, including a price that makes the whole thing a waste of money, with the i7209 costing $1100 and its brandmate, the i7210 tipping the pricing scales at a bloated $1400. Until you've actually used one, it's hard to imagine how frustrating these devices really are. Do yourself a favor and forget it—get a smartphone, a multimedia player or a small notebook instead.

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