Here's a design concept for a flash memory-based media player by design heavyweight Kareem Rashid. The player takes a curvaceous form which sits balanced like a rocking chair when viewing the screen in landscape mode, or it can stand up on end for vertical viewing. Turn it upside down and you see a blue LED clock glowing through its iridescent plastic material.

Getting even more radical is Rashid's design for an alarm clock and CD player, where there's no bottom or top, no up nor down. It just looks like a glob of goo that somehow solidified, into which you insert a CD. As if anyone is even using CDs any more.


Nevertheless, we'd like to see that media player actually manufactured someday. The CD player? Eh. Nevertheless, design concepts are often a dime a dozen, but carry a bit more gravitas from an established designer such as Rashid.

CD and Video Players by Karim Rashid [Cube Me]

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