Scare the bejeebers out of those pesky animals eating your plants or otherwise wreaking havoc in your yard with the ScareCrow Sprinkler Deterrent, basically a battery-operated sprinkler with a built-in motion detector. Hook it up to your garden hose and if it detects movement, it unleashes a burst of spray that might just scare away the more timid beasts.

Only one problem with that, though: some animals might actually like this thing, gathering around for the fun of their lives just like children playing around an open fire hydrant. That said, it only uses 2-3 cups of water per scare, and covers 1200 square feet of area. Running on a single 9-volt battery, test the mettle of the animals intruding into your personal space for $80.

ScareCrow Sprinkler Deterrent [Oh Gizmo]